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Years ago, Tom experienced an event he described as a third-degree burn on his soul. He never told anyone what had happened to him. Yet, the memories show up in his dreams nearly every night.  He told me, “Day or night, I can’t escape the thoughts. It feels like my anxiety is consuming me.” Tom was courageous enough to reach out for help.
Vic was shocked to realize he had blown through his self- imposed limit on how much he could drink and still not consider it out-of-control. He told me,  “As much as I have tried to ignore it, I’m afraid that my habit is really an addiction. Vic didn’t wait to “hit bottom.”  He made the decision to get help.
Years ago, Bob and Martha had a “once upon a time” marriage they hoped would last to “happily ever after.” That was before “it” happened. Now they’re looking for a way to heal after Bob’s porn habit and the affair. Bob doesn’t want to lose their marriage, but he’s ashamed to talk about it. Martha says through her tears that she is willing to forgive Bob. “But I won’t do anything until I get truthful answers.” Bob and Martha made a commitment to one another to get help.
Margaret felt empty, cold, and alone as she thought about the tomorrows ahead of her. “My prayers don’t make it out of my mouth. If they do, they bounce off the ceiling. Where is God in all this?” she cried.

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Everyone goes through tough times.

  • Is it worry and anxiety?
  • Is it addiction?
  • Is it conflicts in the family?
  • Is it depression?

The good news is there is hope!

Your tomorrow can be better than your today. While there are no simple answers to complex problems, you can make positive choices that can lead to a better future.

Create Your Better Tomorrow

Real change – the kind that lasts – is rarely easy or quick.

Your problems probably didn’t develop overnight. They won’t disappear overnight, either.

But you can begin – or begin again – taking the steps necessary to take back control of your life, and work toward a better tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, Tom was surprised to hear himself say, “It’s a start, maybe only a small step, but I took your recommendation to make a proactive response to my anxiety. Today, when I was feeling anxious about my work, I pulled out my 3x5 coping card. I looked over my coping statements and added a few new ones.
Mark had a determined look as he settled into the chair. I filled out that “What I want from life” form you gave me. After filling it out, I realized that it was time to take serious action to change my drinking. No more games.”
When Bob came in for his individual session, he told me that the time had come to “come clean” with Martha about his porn and infidelity. “Nothing is going to change between us as long as I’m hiding this from her.”
Margaret confided, “I’m not out of the woods yet. There are times my depression feels like a cold. But I’m getting better at replacing the old self-talk with things that the Bible, and the people I trust say are true about me.”

The quotes used on this page are composite examples from actual clients. The names were selected at random and
do not represent the complaints of any past or present client. Any similarity to past or current clients is entirely coincidental.

Take The next step

Take the first step by creating a realistic picture of what life might be like when
your problem is behind you. Take the next step by finding an ally who can help
you create an action plan to make change happen.

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